Explain API status codes

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On site interaction using any API methods, the system reply through an JSON encoded message including a status code to makes interpretation easier.


  • s100
    Licence Key Successfully activated for ‘domain’
  • s101
    Licence Key Successfully activated for ‘domain’ – *first pass
  • s201
    Licence Key Successfully Unassigned
  • s203
    Licence Key Is Unassigned
  • s205
    Licence key Is Active and Valid for Domain ( when assign_domain_to_key_on_status_check option active )
  • s215
    Licence key Is Active and Valid for Domain
  • s401
    *a full response with code metadata on calling plugin_update or theme_update methods
  • s402
    *a full response with code metadata on calling plugin_information method
  • s403
    *a full response with code metadata on calling code_information method
  • s610
    *Licence Key Successfully Deleted


  • e001
    Invalid provided data
  • e002
    Invalid licence key
  • e003
    Order does not exist anymore
  • e004
    Order status not allowed
  • e110
    Invalid licence key or licence not active for domain
  • e111
    Invalid Data
  • e112
    You had reached the maximum number of domains for this key
  • e204
    Licence key not active for current domain
  • e301
    Licence Key does not match this product
  • e312
    Licence is not Active, current status is ‘STATUS’
  • e419
    Invalid Product Unique ID


By woocommerce-sl, posted on March 5, 2018

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Manish Shah

I am trying to change message for e112 using WOOSL/API_call/response but it’s not working. I also tried with WOOSL/API_call/response_block but there was no change. The cache module in Woocommerce Settings is also off and there’s no any other caching plugin.Please check this code and let me know if I am doing anything wrong here.

add_filter(‘WOOSL/API_call/response’, ‘woosl_api_change_limit_message’, 10, 3);
function woosl_api_change_limit_message( $response, $args, $api_object )
//check if the API call method is not activate
if ( $args[‘woo_sl_action’] != ‘activate’ )
return $response;

//fetch the last response in the list
reset ( $response );

$response = current( $response );

//check for specific status, if operation was sucess
if ( ! in_array( ‘e112’, $response[‘status_code’]) )
return $response;

$response[‘message’] = ‘Limit reached’;

return $response;
I also tried only returning $response[‘message’] without any if conditions but still no any change.
Am I doing something wrong or is there other way to update response message?

Thank you.

Last edited 6 months ago by woocommerce-sl