The easy way to manage licensing for WooCommerce products, software update, maintenance and code protection.

The WP Software License for WooCommerce provide the ability to manage license keys, activation and maintenance via your store. The plugin include an API module which facilitate software activation, de-activation, evaluation check, update. Prebuilt integration code examples are provided through the package, so any software can include licensing functionality, key activation with a minimum effort. Help support is available, provided by our software engineers.

( former WooSoftwareLicense )

Plugin Features

License Fully Manageable

License Fully Manageable, specify licence prefix, maximum number of allowed keys per license, number of instances (e.g. domains) that a key can be assigned to.

Expire License

Set Expire license through an easy to use and intuitive interface. Allow extend of initial license by paying a specified amount.

Predefined / Generated Keys

Predefined licence keys usage or fully generated through internal system.

Single / Multiple License Groups

Single/Multiple License Groups. Assign one or multiple groups to a license, to allow different type of keys e.g. one time usage, developer keys.

Admin / Customer Licence Interfaces

Admin and user(customer) separate interfaces for license and keys management. Integrated into default WooCommerce My Account structure, similar to Order interface.

API module

Included flexible API class module for JSON interactions. Code example for API calls included.

Cache Module

Cache Module to facilitate a very fast database interaction. This drastically reduce all server resources (CPU and Memory usage) providing an incredible speed. Compared to other plugins, this goes up to 100 times faster!

Any WooCommerce Product type support

Licenses can be assigned to any WooCommerce Simple / Variable / Grouped products. License groups can be used for multiple variations if require.

Product Metadata

Full product metadata including version, author, url, requires, update notices, description, installation guide, screenshots, change log etc. available through API

Phisical / Virtual Product licensing

Easy licensing procedure available for any product type, either physical or virtual.

Downloadable products update support

Secure automatic updates for downloadable, through user WordPress dashboard or any other platform. Code examples are included.

Translation Ready

All texts inside the plugin are translation ready, using the WordPress mo/po format.

WooCommerce License Template

Custom My Account license template. The template is available to update the same way as default WooCommerce template files.

User self license keys management

A customer can manage purchased licenses, view, generate, de-activate, delete purchased license keys.

Admin full licenses control

Admin can manage any customer licenses, add/remove keys, change default license setting for individual purchase.

Email template

The plugin use default WooCommerce email templates which are fully customisable. License keys are sent along with purchase confirmation e-mail, on payment completed or order placed.

Remote API Interactions

Full API control for licensing management which include Activate, De-Activate, Status Check, Software Update, Software Information, Licence Key Delete.

API Error engine

API Error System engine to return codes, help texts and hints upon erroneous, missing arguments or inadequate calls.

Secure Update Links

Secure software update links which are provided in the same format as WooCommerce core.

WooCommerce 3.x ( minimum ) Compatible

Compatible with WooCommerce 3.x ( minimum ) and up. The plugin is being tested with every upcoming version of WooCommerce before released, to ensure maximum viability.

Hard Facts

Real data statistics for plugin running on a cheap hosting (e.g. CentOS $4 / month)

Ultra Speed

While using Cache module, the plugin API response become super fast since it will load just a fraction of WordPress. A similar plugin (WooCommerce Software Add-on) require 3.92 secconds

Average API Usage limit

On our cheap test hosting we achieved ~500 API processed responses within 60 seconds. As comparison, WooCommerce Api Manager required over 2400 seconds !

Plugin Instalations

The WP Software License was being released few years now, during that time over 20000 customers purchase it and where fully satisfied with the plugin.

Constantly Updated

The plugin is well maintained and supported by a dedicated team. Since being available on the marked the code received over 58 revisions, consisting on new functionality, enhancements, new WooCommerce versions compatibility maintenance.

Easy Usage

The plugin was created keeping in mind the end user perspective, meaning everything is self explanatory and easy to understand. Also is created to be run as out of the box solution, no changes / updates are required anywhere on theme or other code.

1. Plugin activation, just like a regular WordPress code.

2. Activate Licence functionality for any product type.

3. Fill the product licensing details and available licence keys.

4. Integrate licence key maintenance with plugin API (optional). Code example provided.

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