Add a custom licence key on order completed

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By woocommerce-sl, posted on November 26, 2019

As default, when order completed (or pending) the plugin generate a licence key or extract one from the pre-defined list of keys. This is a common set-up for the majority of sites which is very easy to achieve through the WP Software License plugin.

There are situations when the key is required to be retrieved from a 3rd API, at the order completed, which will be delivered to customer. This is easy to achieve through a programmable filer. The following code does just that:

    add_action('woocommerce_order_item_meta_end', 'retrieve_custom_license_keys', 1, 3);
    function retrieve_custom_license_keys( $item_id, $item, $order )
            global $wpdb;
            $order_data     = new WC_Order( $order->get_ID() );
            $order_products =   $order_data->get_items();
            $license_active_for_status  =   array ( 'completed' );
            $time           = date("Y-m-d H:i:s", time());
            //iterate all order items and check for any licence
            foreach( $order_products    as  $order_item_id  =>  $order_data )
                    if ( ! WOO_SL_functions::is_order_item_licensed ( $order->get_ID() , $order_item_id ) )
                    if( in_array ( $order->get_status(), $license_active_for_status ) ===  FALSE )
                    $_woo_sl    =   WOO_SL_functions::get_order_item_meta($order_item_id,  '_woo_sl',  TRUE);
                    if(!    is_array($_woo_sl))
                    foreach($_woo_sl['group_title']    as  $_group_id    =>  $_group_title)
                            $license_keys   =   (array)WOO_SL_functions::get_order_product_generated_keys( $order->get_ID(), $order_item_id, $_group_id );
                            if(count($license_keys) > 0)
                            //retrieve the licence key from the 3rd API
                            $new_licence_key    =   '.....';
                            //insert the key on database
                            $mysql_query    =   "INSERT INTO ". $wpdb->prefix . "woocommerce_software_licence  ( `order_id`, `order_item_id`, `group_id`, `licence`, `created` ) 
                                                        VALUES ( '". $order->get_ID() ."', '". $order_item_id ."', '". $_group_id ."', '".  $new_licence_key  ."', '". $time ."')";
                            $result         =   $wpdb->get_results( $mysql_query );

The above code should be place inside theme functions.php file or a custom plugin.

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