Use a Predefined Key multiple times, for different customers

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By woocommerce-sl, posted on August 30, 2017

A list of Predefined Keys can be used to assign existing keys to customers orders. These keys are pre filled and not being generated on the fly.
In specific scenarios, such keys are required to be used more that once, so they are not intended to be used as unique id’s. This can be achieved easily using dynamic tag along with the actual key text.

A regular key would appear like this:


To make such key dynamic, to be used more than once, the following tag should be append on front of key content:


The integer within the brackets, is the number of times the key will be used and assigned to customers, in this particular example it means 15 times. On every new key assignment, the number will be reduced accordingly and saved within the list. So at a given moment there will be a clear status on the unassigned number of keys.

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