Change default ‘X domains per key’ with arbitrary text within WP Software License

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By woocommerce-sl, posted on August 1, 2017

As default the WP Software License plugin output a ‘X domains per key’ within the order page, client and admin e-mails, my account areas etc. This is because is presumed the purchasable is being linked to a domain (e.g. a downloadable software).

But this is not necessarily to say that way, arbitrary texts can be used depending on the Product type and profile.

Change this


This can be achieved using the filter woo_sl/html/max_instances_per_key. An example on how to change the text from ‘7 domains per key’ to ‘7 seats per key’:

add_filter('woo_sl/html/max_instances_per_key', 'theme_html_max_instances_per_key', 10, 3);

function theme_html_max_instances_per_key($instances, $order_item_id, $licence_group_id)
	$order_id = WOO_SL_functions::get_order_by_item_id($order_item_id);
	$order_licence_details = WOO_SL_functions::get_order_licence_details($order_id);
	$product_licence_data = $order_licence_details[$order_item_id][$licence_group_id];
	$max_instances_per_key = $product_licence_data->license_data['max_instances_per_key'];
	$instances = ' - ' . sprintf(_n('1 seat', '%s seats', $max_instances_per_key, 'software-license') , $max_instances_per_key) . ' per key';
	return $instances;

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