WP Software License – Ugrade to Developer




The developer license type is unlimited (lifetime) free support and plugin updates to the latest version.
Use this update only if you previously bought the single license of the WP Software License plugin, otherwise use this Developer License .

The WP Software License plugin provides an easy and secure way to manage product licensing, software update, maintenance, and protection. The WP Software License includes an API module that facilitates software activation, de-activation, evaluation check, update. Prebuilt integration code examples are provided through the package, so any software can include licensing functionality, key activation with a minimum effort. Help support is available by our software engineers.

License keys can be generated through integrated interfaces, this can be done automatically and manually by the client or administrator. A license can be set up within the admin product page and contain different settings like maximum keys, allowed instances / domains for a license key etc.

The plugin is created to run as an out-of-the-box solution, no changes / updates are required anywhere on the theme or other code. Additionally, this comes with default styling for the front and admin interfaces so everything will display on the same style as other areas.

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